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Friday, December 19, 2014

Holiday style picks continued...

Many of us have spent the month of December preparing and planning for Christmas day. We all have different reasons (religious or otherwise) we celebrate Christmas. This is the season were we experience the excitement of gift giving, and spending time with family and friends. Through all the madness that this season can bring, and the planning of our events and gatherings, we must remember to keep our style intact. Enjoy your Holidays, stay safe, and remember the reason for the season.

Style note: I choose this red envelope body con dress from Torrid, I absolutely love this dress. I love the way it fits and I love the way it feels on, the dress is made for polyester/rayon. This dress is designed with a faux wrap front with gathers at the side (which is very slimming), the plunge neckline and the asymmetrical hem line, make this dress so sexy and flattering. I purchased the size 1, which is equivalent to size 14/16. This dress is very true to size, so, you'll have to purchase your true size.  I choose to make this dress a bit more formal, so I added statement pieces, pearl and silver necklace, earrings and bracelet (from my personal collection), and red and silver spike high heel pumps (also form my personal collection). You can dress up or down this dress depending on your occasion. Red is a color that you can accessorize with many other colors. You can do, gold, taupe, black, white or cream. For those of you who don't like your arm out, you can easily add a shrug or a shawl.



Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Demand fashion show...

I want to share with you some pictures from The Demand Fashion Show, held on Saturday Dec 7th here in Orlando Florida. The show was produced my Ms. Taykia Norris. Ms. Norris is a model coach, makeup artist, hair stylist, designer, producer, business owner, and friend. I was the plus size designers in the show. I showcased several of my custom made pieces as well as some ready made items, that you may have seen in some previous post. I also showcased some of my handbags. In the coming year I hope to launch my online store, so this was a great opportunity to gain some exposure.

Here are a few pictures from the show. The models did a fabulous job, and we had a lot of fun putting on this show.

These are some behind the scene shots of the ladies in rehearsal and before the show.







                                       The ladies did there thing on the runway...they were awesome.

This is Ms. Norris, she's an extraordinary woman. She produced and hosted this show, she's a, designer, model, model coach, makeup artist, hair stylist, business women, and a great friend.
 I had a great time working with these ladies putting this show together. We had some bumps in the road, but we pulled it together. Thanks again to all of you, you all were fabulous













Thursday, December 4, 2014

Holiday style picks continued....

Well the holidays are upon us. This is a time for thanksgiving, reflecting and planning. Giving thanks for all that this year has thought us (good bad and indifferent). Reflecting on a year that's coming to an end, "what have we learned, what have done, how are we going to be or do things differently". Planning, as the New Year approaches many people make plans and resolutions. Lets do more than make those resolutions. Let really live, love, laugh, enjoy every moment that life gives us. Lets have enough faith, and courage to not be afraid to try something new and different.
Many of us will be planning family visits, family gatherings, office parties, and formal holiday parties. I myself will be attending several parties and gatherings throughout this holiday season. As we celebrate, Lets not loose site of the reason for the season.

Holiday style pick: As I stated above, many of us may be attend that office or company/corporate
party. This outfit I selected, can be worn to the office and then to that outer office or corporate party. The brown skirt that I'm wearing in the post is from New York & CO. I 've had this skirt for more than 3 years now. This skirt wears well and washes well. I pull in out ever fall and no matter what I pair it with it always looks like new. The brown and gold tone top is from Stein Mart. This top is made from polyester spandex fabric. I got the 1x, which 14/16. I would say that the fit is pretty true to size, so, you would have to purchase this in your true size. The crop blazer is from Torrid. I just love this blazer. Its made from polyester spandex fabric I didn't show it here, but you can get two looks out of this blazer. It has a black bottom piece that zips off, to give you that crop effect. I got this in a size 1, this is Torrid size 14/16. This also was very true to size, so you'll have to purchase your true size. The cream shoes is from Shoe Dazzle (I bought these last year, the first time out the box). The gold necklace is from Body Central ( I bought these earlier this year).

Crop jacket Torrid this color is sold out online, but are still available in stores. Brown gold tone top Steinmart. It seems like this top is sold out on line, but its still available in stores.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Getting the most out of your outfits....

These days we are all on a budget of some sort, everyone is watching there dollars and trying to get the most out of every dollar. I thought that I would do a series of blog post, to show how some simple changes to an outfit can refresh it and make it look like a new one. You can make one outfit look different every time you wear it. I do this quite often, and I always get asked by people, "Is that a new outfit your wearing". By making some simple changes, like, adding or taking away a blazer, a belt, changing the type or color of your jewelry, or even wearing a different purse or shoes with it. This can make that one outfit look like new.

Style note: Yellow peplum top with kick pleats in the waist line, this top is made of  polyester, rayon, spandex material. I purchased the size 2x, which is equivalent to size 14/16. The fit was very comfortable, I would say that its pretty true to size. I wore a blue pencil skirt, the skirt is made from, polyester, spandex material, which had a great amount of stretch to it. I purchased it in a 3x, which is equivalent to 18/20, because I'm so hippy I wasn't sure that the 2x would fit. I think that I could wear the 2x comfortably. For me the fit was okay for my hips, but the waist was a bit loose, so, depending on how your body is proportion you can probably size up or down. I added a blue blazer, a blue belt, blue and silver accessories. I decided to give this outfit a bit more kick, by added a multicolor shoe that had hints of blue in it.

Top & Skirt, Forever21, Shoes, by J. Renee, Steinmart, Blazer, necklace, bracelet, (Cato fashion, last year). Belt (Rainbowshops, earlier this year, sold out online). Sliver bangles, (Body central earlier this year, sold out online). Silver ring, Torrid.


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Fall has finally arrived part 3...

As I  continue this series, "fall has finally arrived". I will continue to share with my favorite outfits to wear during this season. The weather has been holding true to the season with the morning air being cold and brisk and the nights also the same.

This outfit I put together is mixer of old and new. I wore this on date night. My husband and I lead very busy lives, but we maintain that alone time for just the two of us. We maintain our date nights, it can be Friday, Saturday, or Sunday nights. We like to do simply thing. Sometimes its a movie, a play or show, or sometimes its as simple as sharing an ice cream cone, or just a hand held walk in the park.

Style note: This orange sweater that I'm wearing is another one of my favorite piece in my closet that I like to wear in this season. I bought this last year from Ashley Stewart. The legging are a type of crushed velvet. They feel great and are a great fit ( yeah...they done roll down). I bought these from Torrid (new), I got the size 1, which is equivalent to sizes 14/16. The black bootie are from Cato Fashions (two seasons ago). I added a black and gold belt, from, Rainbow Shops (I bought this earlier this year). As you all can tell by now, I love belts. I add a belt to just about everything I wear. I think that every woman should have and wear a belt. In my opinion, it adds a finishing touch to your outfit, and it accentuate your waist line. The gold jewelry are from my personal collection. The leather jacket blazer I wore here, I've had for several years, I also bought this from Ashley Stewart.


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Holiday style...

I'm a bit behind in my holiday style pick, I just can't believe that the holiday season is upon us again so soon. I've been scouting the internet and stores looking for items for my holiday style collection. They were so many great styles to choose from. This is time that many of us are getting ready to attend those holiday parties. Now through the end of the holiday season, I'm going to share with you my holiday style ideas and selections.

In this post I've selected an outfit that you can wear to either an office party, or to that after work holiday party.

I choose this outfit from Forever21. The top is a peplum style, with some kick pleats in the waist, it also has a zipper in the back. This top is made from, polyester spandex fabric, it does have a bit of stretch to it. I got this top in the cream color, in a size 3x. This top fits really well. I'm a 14/16, and I felt that I could wear this top in a 2x. If your between sizes 18/20, you can wear this top in a 3x.
The pants is a panel mesh front leggings. These leggings are made from, polyester, rayon, nylon, spandex. I love the way these leggings fit, they went all the up to and beyond my waistline, and they didn't roll down ( I really hate when leggings do that). I got the 3x, and the fit is pretty true to size. Again, I'm a 14/16, and these were an exact fit for me. Even though they have spandex in them, I found that they didn't stretch that much. I think this is because of the nylon panel in the front of the leggings.

Style note: Cream  kick pleat back zipper peplum  top, paired with a black mesh panel front leggings, form Forever21. I accessorize the top with a black and gold belt, to enhance my waistline and to add some color to the top, so that it wouldn't look so plain, I also added gold jewelry. I couldn't decide whether to wear this outfit with shoes or ankle boots, so, in this post I gave you both looks. I think that I would go with the ankle boots. Shoes, ankle boots, and jewelry are from my personal collection. I actually bought the ankle boot last fall, this was the first time out the box.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fall Fab Dress....

I'm very particular when I shop for clothing. I look at things like, style, color, cut, and workmanship. I found this fabulous fall dress. This dress fits like it was especially made for me. Although it hugged my curves, it was very comfortable.

This dress has a cowl neck top and a chevron stretch bottom, its asymmetrical waist line is fitted and slimming. The cut and fit of this dress is very true to size, I'm between a size 14/16, I purchased the 3x, and it was an excellent fit. Because of the stretch in this dress, if your someone who wears a 18 you may be able to wear the 3x, depending on your body type. The top doesn't have as much stretch as the bottom.

Style note: I purchased this dress from Fashion to Figure. I wanted make this dress pop, so, I accessorized this dress with red and gold. The red sandals are from DSW. This sandal fits great and very comfortable to walk in. The jewelry is from my personal collection.