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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Date Night...

This is somewhat off the topic of fashion, but, I wanted to share with you a bit of my personal side.
My husband and I have only been married a short time (2years). Many may say that we're still in the honeymoon period (we are). My husband and I have made a promised to each other to maintain the one thing we did before we got married, date night.
Although we both work hard and have busy schedules at times, we've managed to maintain date nights for the past two years. My husband is very serious about date night. Sometimes during the day he will call to remind me, and to see if I have any ideas of what we should do, or where we should go. He will also call or text me before leaving work, to say "start getting ready". He says that I take a long time to get ready, (lol..I really Do), so he gives me a head start. I like that he give me time to look my best and that he still likes to see me dressed up and looking my best.
Unlike other couples that have this practice in their marriage, we don't have a set night, or do we have a plan most times. Our date night can be either, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday nights (sometimes we'll go out all three nights). Our dates can range from a number of events. It can be either or both, dinner and a movie, a walk in the park after eating ice cream, or just enjoying cocktails together. We sometimes choose to go to an amusement park to ride rides, or just to, as I call it "people watch". Most times we just play it by ear. I like and prefer this, because it keeps our time together fresh and spontaneous. We do sometimes plan, especially if we need to buy tickets in advance for a show or an event.
At times, I'm fine with just staying home and curling up in front of the TV, reading a book, or just working on the computer (on my blog).
I am happy that my husband is so adamant, and insistent on keeping our date night. Date night is time a for just the two of you. Its a time that both of you leave the world behind (for a while), and focus on enjoying and rediscovering each other.
I highly recommend couple to have this practice in their relationship. Remember, dating doesn't have to stop because you're married. It should be that, because you're married that dating becomes a vital part of your relationship.

Style note: I love this red Moto jacket. "my husband just loved seeing me this outfit". I got this jacket from Forever21 (sold out online, still available in some stores). This jacket is so detail. It is quilted on the top of the sleeves, shoulder and back panel area. Front diagonal zipper, zippers also on the front pocket and sleeves. The material (faux leather) is so soft and subtle, It almost feels like real leather. I bought this jacket in a 3x. The fit was exact for me, I could have used a little more room the upper arm area. You'll have to get your true size in this jacket. I paired this jacket with a pair of polka dot leggings from Forever21 (sold out on line, still available in some stores). I never thought that I would love and wear polka dot leggings (I do now). I got these leggings in a size 1x. As you can see I'm a bit hippy, and the 1x worked just fine for me. These leggings have some stretch in the material, so you could easily size down from your normal size, depending on how you are shaped. Putting this outfit together, I went with your traditional red/black/white. You could defiantly mix this up with some other colors like, blue, green, or fuchsia. I accessorized this outfit with black and silver jewelry from my personal collection. Although I just bough this pave ring from Torrid (this particular one seems to be sold out online, but available in some stores). I found similar items, here, here, and here.


Friday, January 9, 2015

My coat selection....

I know for many of you, you are well into the winter season, and have probably experienced more than just a few snow flurries. I live in Florida, and for us Floridians we've experienced what I call sweater weather. We experienced a few low temp days before the holidays, but then it warmed up again. I think we were close to 80 degrees for the Christmas week.

Its now January and its finally starting to get cold enough for a heavier jacket or coat. I've been on the hunt for a winter coat, and found that they are a wide array of prices and styles. I know \many of us are on a budget, so, I selected a few coats that I think are in the moderate price range. I personally like and bought the Houndstooth coot from Torrid. Knowing that the weather can warm up suddenly here in Florida and that I may only wear this coat a few times, the price ($108 and a 20% coupon) was within what I wanted to spend on a coat.

While I was on the hunt for my coat selection I came across some nice and trendy coats that I wanted to share with you.                        
                                                        Top left: Blue pea coat from Forever 21, $42.90.               
                                                        Top right: White puff coat from Layne Bryant, $169.95.    
                                                        Bottom left: SimplyBe belted cape coat, $130.                   
                                                        Bottom right: Lane Bryant faux wool coat, $199.95

 Style note: I choose this black and white pattern coat from Torrid. I got this coat in a size 1, which is   equivalent to a size 14/16.This coat fits very well, it falls above my knees, and I'm 5' 4". The sleeve    length fell right at my wrist, and the fit of the arms was comfortable for me. I would say that this coat is true to  size. I must also say, that it has no stretch, so you'll have to get your true size.         
I like the details on this coat, it has a collar, bold buttons, side pockets, a full                                   lining, and pleats that allows this coat to fit your figure. Find a similar item here.