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Friday, September 26, 2014

How old is too old?

There are so many myths and taboos out there about what a women of a certain age wears. As I get older and wiser, I'm learning to define my sense of style, and embrace my curves.
There's really no age limit of style and fashion, and there's no age limit on what a woman chooses to wear. Its should be about how comfortable that woman is feeling about what she's wearing.
The only suggestion that I would give to you is, there's a time and place for every outfit. If the occasion calls for the outfit and you're confident enough to wear it...then wear it.

Note: I can't stress enough, Undergarments, Undergarments, this is key that makes or breaks an outfit. Remember, we as curvy girls have all eyes on us when we step out into the eyes of the world. Please invest in a few good bras and shapewear(ex...spanks). Starting with what you put on under your outfit will  keep your looks polished.
Style notes: I love, love this black romper from forever 21. I got it in a 2x, the largest size it comes in is a 3x. Its pretty true to size, but depending on how you're proportioned you could fit this romper if you were a size 4x. The lace sleeves are pretty fitted, the bodice and the pant were a little loose fitting. Here are three looks in this romper. I added a tan belt with silver embellishment on the buckle to match the silver accessories that I'm wearing, I also chose a tan bootie to match the belt. In the second look I changed to a black bootie. In the third look I took off the tan belt and just went with a straight black look, with silver accessories.

romper, Forever21, tan booties, Shoedazzle (last year), black Impo booties (last year) Steinmart, belt, Catofashions, accessories, Bodycntral. black fishnet pantyhose, Catofashions.





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