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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dress for a Perfect Fit, Not a Number

We have to dress for fit, and not for size.

As I browsed the stores and looked at the latest fashion trends, a thought came to my mind:

We as women, including myself, are so caught up on the number on that garment. We stress and worry more about the number rather than fit and comfort. I see a lot of women walking around wearing clothes that are not the right fit for them. Ladies we have to get out of this mind set.

Keep in mind that they’re several different sizing charts that a manufacture or a designer uses. There’s also another factor, the fabric. With these two factors in mind the fit of a certain size will vary across the board. I’ll give you a few examples. Linen will fit differently than Polyester, because Linen fabric doesn’t give (stretch). Polyester may give (stretch) a little more. Also fabrics that have Lycra (stretch) tend fit more freely.
As for me, I keep this in mind when I’m shopping. I can wear a 14 to a 18. I’ll give you a few examples of my personal encounters as I shop at different stores and try on different brands. I may purchase a dress form Ashley Stewart, in a size 14. If I go to Macy’s or JCPenny, for a similar dress I may have to purchase a size 16 or 18. Again, this is due to brand, manufacture, and the fabric that was used to make that garment.

I decided to write this article because I know this is something that most of us women are struggling with. For me, I do get caught up at times with that number on the garment. But, I’m finding comfort in accepting the size that I am. More importantly, I want to look good in whatever I choose to wear. I want to wear the garment, I don’t want the garment to wear me.

I’ll leave you with this final note. Remember, it 's all about fit and comfort. We want to look good once we step out for the world to see us. Keep this thought in mind also, one size doesn’t fit all. If a garment has Lycra you can go down one or two sizes, but you’re not supposed to be busting out at the seams .

Here are examples of two dresses, same size and similar fabric and style.

The Blue/Black dress is from Lane Bryant, its a size 14/16. It has a bit of stretch to the fabric, so it
was loose and comfortable. If it came in a size 12, I could probably do a size 12 comfortably. I accessorized this dress with Gold jewelry, black lace stockings, black belt, and pink booties. You can find the dress in stores, or on line www.lanebryant.com

The Black/White dress is from Cato, it a size 16. This dress also has a bit of stretch to the material, but not as much as the Blue/Black dress. I accessorized this dress with navy blue jewelry and navy blue booties.  what I didn't show here in the picture, is the hard time I had getting into this dress. I literally had to squeeze myself into this dress, it was even harder to take off. After I got it on, I think that I looked good in it, but is was not a comfortable fit. The arm hole and the neckline was very tight, and when I sat it was not comfortable. You can find this dress in stores, or online at www.cato.com  So again  ladies, its all about personal preference, whether you want to wear that dress for the number on the tag or wear it for comfort. For me I want to look good, but I also want to be comfortable in what I wear.   Thanks for reading.


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  1. I like ankle boots. I don't own a pair yet, but want to get some.