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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Busting Myths: Big Girls in Stripes

We all know there are fashion "do's" and fashion "no, no's" when it comes to dressing. The majority of us swear we don't care about them and claim to ignore these rules. But when you get dressed , you subconsciously review the rules and examine your outfit. A fashion rule I've heard often throughout my life is that "big women shouldn't wear stripes." According to the fashion gods (whomever they claim to be), they make a big woman, look bigger. I want to bust that myth once and for all. Big beautiful women can use stripes to accentuate their figure.

The diagonal position of these stripes give me a curvy look in this dress. You can preview this dress on my website www.simplybeverly.com I have sizes 1X and 2X. If you would like to order this dress, send me a facebook message.

 I got this skirt from WalMart for 19.98. What a great deal! You can check out their selection of skirts here. The top is from Lane Bryant (last season).

Here's one of me looking extra sexy in my stripes (just kidding, lol!) Get out there and wear your stripes ladies!

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